Day 0 – All great journeys start with a single step

Today, I start my journey into data science and statistics.

Reflecting on the importance of data in today’s world, I decided to game up my poor statistical knowledge into something better. I wanted to get a good grasp of quantitative methodologies. I happened to have some spare money so after a lot decision making, I narrowed the list of more than 20 candidates, to 2 books.

The first one is Data Smart: Transforming Information into Insight by John Foreman. I had a peek at the book (noticed the quite original approach to marketing on the book cover?), then read some of the Amazon reviews (at the time of writing, he has 5/5 ratings in and then I watched the short promo video. I visited his website too.

John Foreman's Data Smart

John Foreman’s Data Smart

Overall, I like Foreman. He seems like a cool guy. Data Smart is supposed to give you some grounding in data science mainly by using Excel. Quite minimalistic his approach. He gets bonus points.


The second book is Discovering Statistics Using R by Andy Field. He is famous due to his award-winning Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (which I unfortunately/accidentally sold). This book I got is like the award-winning book but applied to R.

Discovering Statistics Using R

What can I say about this book? I had this book and several other candidates for a similar price. This one was the only one that had depth and breadth in its content. Plus, the author has won several awards for making statistics look less sadistics.

These two are the physical books I will use. Then there is an online textbook I will use. It’s called HyperStat. And I saw it recommended for the behavioural/social sciences. HyperStat seems to be use clear explanations and its seems to cover undergraduate level statistics. On the right side of the site, HyperStat features links to recommended books which is quite cool in my opinion.

I will also be checking on external sources the links of which I will try to include in the Beyond section.

Well, this is it! The journey starts now! I will try to get at least 4 posts written per month.

May the data and the science be with you.


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