Day 2 – The Fellowship of Data has been formed

This morning I came home at afternoon and was heading for the toilet when I saw a packet on the reception. It had my name. I went to the toilet and came back and with great care opened the packet with the illusion of kid in Christmas. Data Smart had arrived.

I have read the introduction section and I found Foreman’s writing style quite nice. The book has 11 chapters (conclusion included). Since last year it’s going to be crazy busy, I estimate that I will spend the next 24 months reading and learning from the book.


Now I have in my hands, the package that contains Andy Field’s book. I thought I would take a picture of the packet to immortalise the thrill of package-opening.

Really large packet I got enough self-control to download a web cam picture taking software and took the actual pictures before I opened the package.

Some pics of the books. They were a bit expensive but I think they are worth their price.
This one came first
This one came in recorded delivery
Well, time to open the second package and welcome the last member of the FoD. Ah, the smell of new books.

I just went through the introduction section of Andy Field’s DSUR. Just as nice as Data Smart.

The plan is to go through one chapter of each of the books every month (or 1/4 of a chapter weekly). There will be times when I won’t read as much and times when I will over-read so hopefully I won’t lag too much. Also, Jesus Christ! DSUR is 955 pages long and has about 20 chapters! So maybe I will decrease the monthly reading quote to half a chapter per month as soon as I leave the easy chapters. The FoD has come together to fight statistical illiteracy! Winter is coming!


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