Day 6 – The research process

The Research Process

1. Initial observation
2. Observation Testing:

2.1 Data collection

>>2.1.1. Variables identification
>>2.1.2 Data analysis
3. Did the data supported your observation?
>3.1 Yes. End.
>3.2 No. Go back to point 2 and modify observation to fit your data

4. Theory generation (to explain the data)

5. Hypothesis generation (to make predictions based on the hypothesis)

6. Data collection and analysis

7. Did the data support the theory?

>7.1 If yes, end.

> 7.2 If no, go back to step 4 and modify theory to fit the latest data


Research Process Example

Stage 1)

1. There are many people with nasty personalities on BB. People on BB have narcisstic personality disorder (Most people on BB will get positive results in npd questionnaires)
2.1.1 IV: participant’s personality DV: scores on a npd questionnaire
2.1.2 75% of people in the study got positive results
3.1. Data supported observation

Stage 2)

4. Possible theories

a) People with npd are more likely to audition for BB than those without
b) BB producers are more likely to select npd people than non-npd people

5. Hypothesis Making
a) The number of people adutioning for BB with npd will be higher than the average level of npd people in the population (1%)
b) The rate of people with npd in the later stages of the BB selection process will be higher than the rate of people going to the auditions

6. Results

a) 11% of people auditioning had npd. So Hypothesis A supported.
b) 75% of the people in the final stages of the BB selection process had npd. So Hypothesis B supported.

Summary: observation was backed up by data, then a theory was made based on these observations and this theory was also tested and was found out to be supported by data.


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