Day 37 – Memo

Statistical tests for experiments

Where the researcher manipulates the IV(s) under controlled conditions and measures changes in the DV.

For parametric tests:

Related Unrelated
Two conditions T test (Related) T test (Unrelated)
Three or more conditions One-way ANOVA (Related) One-way ANOVA (Unrelated)

For non-parametric tests:

Related tests have single names: Wilcoxon (two conditions) and Friedman (three conditions).

Unrelated tests have double names: Mann-Whitney (two conditions) and Kruskal-Wallis (three or more conditions).

Related Unrelated
Two conditions
Wilcoxon test Mann-Whitney test
Three or more conditions
Friedman test (two-tailed only)
Kruskal-Wallis test (two-tailed only)

The above tools allow us to check whether the differences in conditions are statistically significant when have 1 experimental variable.

Statistical tests for correlations

Where associations between variables are predicted.


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